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Swedish Back, neck & shoulder massage
Relaxing back massage including  shoulders and neck, to relieve stress and tension.        

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Swedish full body massage

Relaxing massage tailored to suit your needs.  For total relaxation, aching muscles, or to relieve stress and tension. 


Hot stone therapy  massage

Relaxing back or body massage using hot stones for that warm, cozy,  feeling, easing those tense muscles. 


Hawaiian lomi lomi  massage

A very relaxing massage using hands and arms to help balance the body and help create inner peace. 

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Ear candling with sinus massage

Effective in improving hearing loss and helps to clean the ear canal and sinuses. 

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Indian head massage

A head, face and upper body massage to help you to chill out and unwind.  



Balancing the body using points on the feet or hands using varying pressure and massage.  Easing certain health and emotional issues. 

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Thai foot massage

A relaxing massage for lower legs and feet to improve circulation and reduce tension.  

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Aromatherapy oils available for massages 
 Absorb into the skin to help with health and emotional well being.  

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Manual Lymphatic drainage massage
Helps to relieve pain and inflammation by the natural drainage of lymph fluid build up.         

Face Massage

Rejuvenating facial with ageloc  technology
Look and feel younger, promoting,  healthy, firm, smooth,  glowing skin.
Using professional tools and products from the nuskin range.    

Smiling Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy massage
Flushes A relaxing side laying massage to ease discomfort, especially around hips and legs.


Cleansing & Relaxing Facial
Includes exfoliation and face mask. Natural products also available        

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Body wraps 
 To assist cellulite/water retention reduction. Good for a holiday or special occasion     

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Beccles  and surrounding areas.   Mileage charge will be required for home visits. 

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