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Aromatherapy massage

A blend of essential oils from plants, flowers or fruits is made up for your massage to promote health and well being.

The oils work into the blood stream and works for a while in the body for both back, neck & shoulder of a body massage. 




Ladies only 


£ 42


Hot Stone Massage

Warms and relaxes the muscles increasing circulation an metabolism.  Tension is melted away as the blood flow increases.  Ease your troubles away and give into deep relaxation.  

Back, neck & shoulders - ideal for a busy day or after a workout.

Body - This is excellent for those who enjoy that comforting feeling. This can also help to relieve arthritis. 



Body  Ladies only 


£ 42


Indian Head Massage

A relaxing massage in which you can stay clothed if you want to. It is performed in a specially designed chair or on the massage bed.  It is a massage to the head, neck, shoulders, upper arm, upper back and face (if you wish). Benefits include stress reduction, can help to reduce headaches and may promote hair growth. Anxiety can be reduced and gives a feeling of relaxation and calmness. 


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Swedish Massage

A massage which can be tailored to your requirements as you can choose from light, medium or firm pressure. 

This may help to restore balance and well being whilst easing muscles strain.


Body Ladies only 

£ 28

£ 38

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Back & shoulder Massage for 2

Treat yourself and a friend or partner to a swedish massage which is just performed on the back and shoulders so not need to turn. Can help to relieve tired and aching muscles. You can choose from light, medium or firm pressure. 

£ 44

lymphatic drainage pic.jpg

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

A dry massage which uses a pumping action to move toxins and mutant cells through the lymphatic system to areas in which it can be reduced. Light pressure is applied to certain areas of the body that have a high concentration of lymph nodes.  Waste products are released many times faster than the body would normally manage. It can improve the appearance of cellulite if carried out regularly and can reduce swelling after surgery.   Ladies only. 


£ 45

Legs & tummy

£ 30

Image by freestocks

Pregnancy Massage 

You are required to be over 12 weeks in have no complications.  It is a relaxing body massage laying on your side cuddling upto a nice long soft pillow. I am trained to avoid areas which can cause complications. 

£ 35

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